Build Your Own Barrel Service

Grocery shopping can be tedious and waiting in long lines feel like years, and after all that you must pay a lot of money for just a few grocery items. Online shopping for large items, a stock of clothes, a set of electronics, and more can be high in costs also. This Build Your Barrel service provides our customers the opportunity of shopping online with no worries of over-spending. 

How It Works

It is as easy as creating your account and completing your list. We will email you a quote so you can verify your items. After verification a deposit is required to secure your items, and to ensure you are completely satisfied, we deliver your items directly to your preferred address. Payment for your items is due on delivery. However, if you choose to pay for your items at checkout you are free to do so.

Steps to Follow

Step 1 : Register for an account Here.

Step 2 : Create your list with our online form.

Step 3: Make non-refundable Deposit

Step 4: Pay balance on delivery.


Shopping with our Pack & Ship services will guarantee you quality and effective products and services. Select a wide variety of grocery items as small as a can of tuna to as big as your favorite laundry detergent or other types of items. Click here to complete the shopping form provided.


We have partnered with trusted packing services in America and Canada who will pack your items in a barrel securely; the glass items will be wrapped in paper and bubble wrap to prevent breakage. Fragile items will be carefully packaged accordingly.



After your items are carefully packed, we ship them to Barbados where we then deliver the barrel directly to your door. If you desire to shop and pack at your own leisure, we can ship your items from America or Canada to Barbados and delivery them straight to your door.

Benefits of Using our Service

  • Quality Items
  • Quality Service
  • Cost Effective
  • Items on one website
  • Deposit is secured
  • Delivery is available